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Soda Funnel Sort 2

Soda Funnel Sort 2

by GameBug


Our Rating

Soda Funnel Sort 2
Soda Funnel Sort 2
Soda Funnel Sort 2
Soda Funnel Sort 2
Soda Funnel Sort 2
Soda Funnel Sort 2
Soda Funnel Sort 2

SODA FUNNEL SORT 2 is a SUPER addictive puzzle game with a amazing designed and features, which lets you think out of the box and sharpen your mind with puzzle games scenarios. It is a fun and challenging color sort puzzle game with a huge breakthrough in the gameplay of sorting unique funnels.

Your main GOAL is to Pour colored SODA from one funnel to another to complete the level. Higher the level, the harder it gets with more funnels to unlock to arrange colors of soda. BONUS LEVELS will appear on Random Levels. Try to Clear them to get some rewards.

This brain test soda funnel sort puzzle games will make sure you enhance your IQ level.

How to play

- To complete the level, All funnels must have single color of Soda.
- Tap any funnel to pour the colored soda into another funnel and sort it!
- You can add more funnels by watching rewarded ads.
- Do not worry about getting stuck, you can restart the level at any time or you can skip much difficult level, if you want, simply by watch the reward.
- The only rule is to sort each color into one funnel until each funnel holds a same colors of soda.

Game Feature

- Unique and Amazing Funnels and lovely Backgrounds Added, Now you can play soda funnel sort in your own choice.
- 600 Unique and Challenging Levels with multiple Difficulty Modes
- Smooth Gameplays and easily Drag-able Funnels.
- Now you Can pour multiple Funnels at the Same time to get better Gameplay.
- Amazing Sounds and Music Included.
- No time limits.
- No wifi connection is required to play.

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Soda Funnel Sort 2 by Game-Bug Entertainment...