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Simple Maths Solutions

Simple Maths Solutions

by EBS Pty Ltd


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Simple Maths Solutions
Simple Maths Solutions
Simple Maths Solutions

This little app is great for breaking down equations into easy manageable chunks. You input the equation using the numpad and symbols, and then it will break the equation down into steps and show you which part has to be calculated first.

The equations can be made up of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Parentheses.

There is also another mode where it will give you an equation and ask you what the answer is. The equation can be modified to be easy or hard, there are various settings to cover all aspects of the generated equation.

It's a great education app for anyone starting out trying to work out simple equations, as it shows in easy steps which section of the equation to work out first. It uses the order of operations to work the equations out.

You can also use it to improve your maths skill, why not give yourself quick tests.

Why not give it a go you could find it fun!

it will work across multiple device resolutions.