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Secret Mystery Hidden Objects

Secret Mystery Hidden Objects

by MGameStudios


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Secret Mystery Hidden Objects
Secret Mystery Hidden Objects
Secret Mystery Hidden Objects
Secret Mystery Hidden Objects
Secret Mystery Hidden Objects
Secret Mystery Hidden Objects

Secret Mystery Hidden Objects is a challenging hidden objects game for all Ages that will keep you entertained for hours. Search and find hidden objects in various city scenes, or explore the adventure to find helpful notes.
Welcome to the First installment of the Secret Mystery Hidden Objects series. Here you will find puzzles, clues and items that will help you search for people, objects and places in different cities around the world. This new game requires you to use your skills as a detective to find out what is happening and solve the puzzles. Have fun!
Secrets Mystery Hidden Objects for iPad and android devices is a hidden objects game that features a detailed, high-resolution graphics and a wide variety of puzzles to help you unravel the mystery. You play as Linda Walker, a woman who is investigating her ancestor's alleged murder at their estate. A real mystery sports a true answer. Your skills of observation and sharp mind can help you solve the Mystery Hidden Object game for Android, iPhone and iPad. Dive deep into the shadows around the castle and find out who is hiding your treasures. In this fun game, you'll have to collect all kinds of jewels, gold coins and iron lockets that are hidden under the ground in order to find out who's been robbing your castle!
Your goal is to find objects and clues hidden across a beautiful but dangerous Manor, on a Journey to solve the mystery of what happened to its inhabitants. Investigate the dark hallways and hidden rooms, chase down hidden suspects, and find out who killed all of the guests at this once thriving hotel! In this unique game, you will be detectives working to unravel the mystery of a haunted manor. Along the way, you'll meet interesting characters, solve challenging mysteries, and find hidden objects. Make use of your wits to outwit your adversarial opponents and solve the puzzles at your fingertips!
With  exciting world of Secret Mystery Hidden Objects! In this game you will play as somebody who has been transferred to a new city and must find out what is going on. The game features stunning visuals, fascinating stories, puzzle solving, and a multitude of items to find. Explore the mystery of a dark castle and find your treasures in Secret Mystery Hidden Objects! With a range of brain-bending challenges, you'll need to use your detective skills to track down clues and solve crimes. There are different chapters with unique puzzles to complete, and you can choose which one you want to start with. Are you up for the challenge?

 Product Features:
 - Face challenges from society's most desperate seekers in a search for justice.
 - Hunt for criminal masterminds in an intricate crime scene.
 - Solve mysterious crimes with help from clever criminal minds.
- Experience an exciting Hidden Object adventure like never before.
 - Breathtaking graphics and an immersive story line bring the mystery to life.
- A captivating and immersive hidden object adventure.
- Challenging puzzles and crimes to uncover.
- Detailed graphics and realistic scenes.
- Enjoy detailed cut scenes between game play elements.
- Wide range of environments to explore including hotels, mansions, mines, forests, labs and more.
- Collectibles and special items to find.
- Engrossing story featuring new and returning characters.
- Captivating graphics that are sure to keep you entertained.
- Full action game play with hidden objects.
- Different chapters with unique puzzles to solve.
- Multiple levels of difficulty to test your skills.
- Compelling music and sound effects.