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Scorpion Monkey Family Sim

Scorpion Monkey Family Sim

by Flipray


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Scorpion Monkey Family Sim
Scorpion Monkey Family Sim
Scorpion Monkey Family Sim
Scorpion Monkey Family Sim

Live the life of Scorpion Monkey King in Savanna Forest!

Get ready to play new monkey scorpion mixture creature where you survive in the lush jungle and snowy environment while playing scorpion monkey family simulator 2019. Fight with deadly animals like giant elephant, poison snake and many more in this dark island. Use your sting attack to beat the dangerous beasts in the jungle. 

Start your survival alone but you find your poisonous scorpion monkey mate in the island and increase your clan to rule the tropical forest. So it’s a chance for you to live a life of a unique jungle beast in your own style. Check your health level, time and task to complete these challenging missions by playing this furious monkey scorpion family game. 

Hunt down tasty insects like worms, and combat for your life with wild predators like flying eagle, snakes, owl and spiders. An island filled with dangerous carnivores and giant plants who are trying to beat you as well as your family. 

Key Features:

• Become Angry Scorpion Wild Monkey king in the jungle
• Select your favorite skin to survive with family
• Gain experience by defeating other animals and level up your beast
• Beautiful views of a gigantic lavish island with multiple camera views
• RPG animal simulator gameplay with family surviving missions

Scorpion monkey family sim is specially designed for all jungle surviving game lovers and brutal scorpion as well as monkey family game fans. Find your prey and feed your family to move to the island. Start hunting for your baby monscorp and rescue you little monkeling scorpion from birds who may attack in island family simulator games 2k19.