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Scary Clock Pin Needle Puzzle!

Scary Clock Pin Needle Puzzle!

by creativespartans


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Scary Clock Pin Needle Puzzle!
Scary Clock Pin Needle Puzzle!
Scary Clock Pin Needle Puzzle!

Experience spine-tingling brain teaser thrills in our new clock needles pin pull door horror escape game followed by dexterity twisted screw pin puzzles tangling the escape door! Prepare to be captivated by the intense atmosphere as you navigate your way through a series of chilling mazes. On your way, you have encountered the cursed pins and needles puzzles tangled with screws and you have to unscrew the knots of cursed metal plates and make the metal plate fall, be the screw master & quickly unscrew and take off all nuts and bolts to clear the way. But beware, every screw pin and needle puzzle untangling will bring you closer to a terrifying encounter with a relentless monster! Time is your key if you don’t solve the cursed screw pin puzzle in a given time the hungry monster from the black hole behind will come out and eat you.
You have to be an expert at color sort puzzles to untangle those twisted screws and needles from the voodoo cushion on the escape door & unblock your path at every turn. Solve them swiftly to advance, or face the gruesome consequences and watch out for every step that comes with a more difficult puzzle, be the screw master, and open all those cursed pins and needles. Feel the adrenaline rush as you work against the clock to unlock the secrets of each level.