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Scan To Go - Scanner App

Scan To Go - Scanner App

by Hyperlink InfoSystem


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Scan To Go - Scanner App
Scan To Go - Scanner App
Scan To Go - Scanner App
Scan To Go - Scanner App
Scan To Go - Scanner App
Scan To Go - Scanner App
Scan To Go - Scanner App

Scan your docs with seamless support of Scan To Go, app allows you to scan unlimited docs with multiple features that help you a lot in your work. This app turns your device into a portable scanner and scans everything as images or PDFs. With this app, you can scan docs, photos, ids, or anything. Additional to it, it allows developing your e-Signature, recognising OCR function for your edit, and sharing with multiple platforms, still goes on. This app is responsive to interactive scanning attributes and offers impeccable clarity with localized usage. With the best features and user-friendly design.



* Highly Securable: Your docs, pdf, and images will be saved in phone storage only hence no need to panic about the data threats.



* Unlimited Scan: Scan unlimited docs without any restriction in this app. Scan To Go allows you to scan your docs with unlimited counts.



* E-Signature: Digital doc with approval of digital signature saves time. Scan To Go helps you to create your signature in digital mode to use it on any of your docs.



* Smart Auto crop: Crop your docs with precise shape. No need to stress on docs position. Scan To Go make your docs to fit with the respective resolution.



* HD Resolution: It supports HD resolution for your scanned docs. No need to worry about the clarity of scanned docs Use an HD resolution option from Scan To Go to develop clarity docs. 



* High Classified Folder: Save your docs with an improved version of the classified folder. Scan To Go designed with perfect classified techniques to save your docs and images. In the future, your saved docs from this app can be easily identified and routed to work. 



* Pro PDF Editor: Extend your pdf editing feature with choosing the pro version of Scan To Go. Pro PDF Editor allows you to edit your pdf, images, eSignature, etc with a flexible option. 



* ID Mode Scan: Develop an ID from Scan To Go using the option of ID scan mode. The ID generated from the app will be perfect for your usage.



* OCR: Recognize text inside images as your docs, pdf, and photos with Scan To Go. This app help to afford Optical Character Recognition to ease your text needs.



* Enrich Document: Utilize your docs with multiple highlights from the app to enrich your view.



* Share document: Share your Scanned data with Scan To Go to multiple platforms seamlessly.