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Save the Square

Save the Square

by Aryaman Goel


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Save the Square
Save the Square
Save the Square
Save the Square
Save the Square

-Help Square on his thrilling, and life-risking adventures.
-Save the Square is a very addictive game where all you need to do is tap
-How to Play: Tap the screen to give square a push up, and try to dodge the ever-speed changing bullets
-Swipe horizontally to perform a flip!!
-Swipe Down for a thrust down
-Swipe Up for an extended jump
-The gameplay difficulty keeps on changing throughout the game as the bullets increase their speed, and then decrease their speed one after the other
-Swipe horizontally to perform a flip and obtain bonus points.
-Collect the SquareDiamonds
-Unlock All the Achievements
-Unlock All the Squares
-Compare HighScores and Reputations with friends and globally
-Share your scores and achievements to social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter
-Great HD Graphics and a variety of colors
-Great music so you can play to the beat
-Completely Developed and Designed by 14 Year Old Aryaman Goel
-Hundreds of hours of development