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SalezShark CRM

SalezShark CRM

by SalezShark


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SalezShark CRM
SalezShark CRM
SalezShark CRM
SalezShark CRM
SalezShark CRM
SalezShark CRM
SalezShark CRM

This CRM app is designed to manage all your manual activities, activity update, sales automation, invoicing, daily timesheet, email marketing, marketing automation, support system, task management, track your sales, sales forecast, and much more at a single platform. We understand the nature of the business, and every business has different requirements. This CRM software app delivers faster results with services tailored to your business needs. You can customize the features in your sales dashboard as per the requirement of your business.

We provide handhold support to all your sales and marketing activities. The respective account manager is always there to support you in creating a lead, accessing reports, and scheduling email campaigns to crack great deals. We charge 0% fee on all our training sessions and live tutorials, right from your boarding to the access of the sales automation platform to manage your sales account extensively.

With SalezShark CRM software India, you can:

Minimize manual data entry efforts and get the automated captured leads from various sources

Locate your leads, accounts, and contacts on maps to crack better deals

Understand customer’s preferences to drive your customer engagement strategy and serve them in a better way with this marketing automation app

Get Proactive Recommendations of prospective companies

Get notified of all approaching meetings beforehand, so no opportunity goes missed

Collaborate with your team real-time

Attach files directly from your device

Keep a tab on the conversion probability of a lead with predictive analytics

Get an accurate view of your business with comprehensive sales forecast

Log calls and creates follow-up activities

Receive real-time updates on the sales activities of your team

Stay on top with a single glance of dashboard and reports to help you make smart business decisions

Great for:

Sales people who want to close more deals

Managers who are constantly coordinating with the sales reps

Why Choose Us?

With our CRM software, the possibilities are limitless. We provide the ultimate toolset to build relationships, maximize engagement, and drive business growth. Start today with our CRM software app offering unified sales and marketing platform designed to help you and your team successfully run and grow business.

Get Flexibility to Meet Any Business Requirement

Regardless if you’re a single or multi-channel business, our CRM software app offers flexibility to address any business workflow or requirement.

Enjoy a 360° View of Your Customer

Choose our CRM software for marketing and know your customer journey. Offer a superior customer experience by tracking, which leads convert into opportunities and which opportunities close into customers.

Launch Intelligent Sales Campaigns

Create a sequence for your sales activities, or shuffle them up based on a recipient’s behavior.

It’s easy to sign up for a free trial. For any queries, please write to [email protected].