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Ruby Run: Eye God’s Revenge

Ruby Run: Eye God’s Revenge

by IsonSource LTD


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Ruby Run: Eye God’s Revenge
You’re a mustached hero and you've awakened the Eye God by stealing his sacred ruby - bad move. The race of death is on - POW! It started when you grabbed the sacred ruby and ignited the temple laser. Run fast, climb each hill, and combat every obstacle while you shoot down the Eye God’s worshipers (they’re a bit slow and get in your way). Collect gems on your path, build your gun inventory and shoot your way to survival, A.K.A your highest score (let’s face it, you’re going to die). If you like our Hopeless series, then you’ll love this action game! Ruby Run's Key Features: • Earn gems for having friends! When logged-in with Facebook, if any of your friends join, you will get more gems. • Get even more gems when you defeat your friends when logged-in to Facebook. • Build your weapon collection with the Gun Lottery to help you wipe out those pesky worshipers. Collect them all! • In the mood for grenades today? You can choose any gun (even a grenade launcher!) from your inventory. • Get other free goodies along the way. • A new game from the developers of Hopeless: The Dark Cave