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River IQ

River IQ

by Tập Lê


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River IQ
River IQ
River IQ
River IQ

★River IQ - All logic game in one.
★Aside the river there are 1 police, 1 robber, 1 blond hair woman and 2 children, 1 red hair woman and 2 children. 
There is a boat carrying a maximum of 2 people. Only adults can sail but not kids. 
Please help all people move across the river, 
knowing that if the policeman is absent, 
the robber will kill all people there. 
If the blond hair woman is absent, the red hair woman will beat the blond hair womans children (and vice versa)
★Three couples go picnic together. They must move across a river with only one boat carrying a maximum of 2 people. 
Help them move across the river, provided that husbands would not allow their wives to go with another man without their presence there.
- Touching these object to put them on the boat
- "Let's Go" : Move to other side of the lake
- "Help" : View help
- "Share" : Capture screen and share facebook
- "Answer" : View solution.