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Red Green Blue

Red Green Blue

by Axel Sonic


Our Rating

Red Green Blue
New original and very addictive puzzle game! It is a puzzle with a simple mechanics. On each level there are bunch of blocks of 3 colors; red, green and blue. First you need to press on any block to start a level. Around that block will appear a frame which you can move by swiping anywhere on screen. When you move the frame from block of one color to block of another, the other block will change it's color to third. Using this mechanics your goal on each level is to recolor every block to a certain color. There are 150 levels of 3 difficulties: 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6. There is also a time trial mode, where you need to recolor all blocks as fast as you can. Features: - Cool graphics! - 3 difficulty levels! - 150 very puzzling levels! - Achievements - share your progress with the whole world! - Time Trial mode - try to set a record!