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by Readcap


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Are you a book lover who struggles with remembering the details of the books you’ve read? Are you on a quest for an app that not only allows you to jot down notes about the books you're reading, but also generates summaries using AI technology? Your search ends with Readcap! This book tracker is perfect for capturing every nuance of your reading journey, whether past, present, or future.


Intricately Designed For Readers:

With Readcap, you have the ability to create book summaries, visualize your reading statistics, and keep an overview of the various details of a book, all in one app. You can easily access your current reads to view your summary activity and even revisit these through the dedicated summary tab, both online and offline.


AI-Enhanced Summary Generation:

Experience the thrill of turning your reading updates and character notes into comprehensive book summaries with Readcap's advanced AI. Dive into the heart of your books, absorb details like never before, and ensure no part of your story is forgotten.


Craft Your Personalized Bookshelf:

Readcap is tailor-made for book lovers who crave a more detailed look at their literary adventures. Begin your reading journey by creating any of the following entries for each book:

- Reading updates reflecting the book's ongoing events.

- Character notes to capture unique traits.

- AI-generated summaries linked with your notes and updates.

- Quotes to save memorable lines.

- Ratings to judge the book's plot, characters, writing style, and more.


Meets All Your Bookish Needs:

Keep track of your books and reading activity with the three default bookshelves: want to read, currently reading, and read. Via the currently reading bookshelf, you can directly add a reading update without having to search for it.

Readcap also presents additional features for an enhanced reading experience:

- View your curated reading statistics.

- Simple overview of your summary activity.

- Create custom bookshelves for a personalized touch.

- A collection of icons for your custom bookshelves and characters.


Book Search Made Simple:

Searching for books has never been easier with Readcap's integrated features:

- Hassle-free online search for your next summary.

- Look up books via ISBN barcode scan.

- Exploration and editing of various book editions.

- Manual addition of any book for personalized tracking.


Push Your Reading Boundaries:

Ignite your reading passion by setting ambitious goals for the number of summaries you want to create this year. Ready for an enriched reading experience?

Download and start using Readcap! Experience the future of story tracking with AI summary generation today!