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Raptor Trainer (Clicker app)

Raptor Trainer (Clicker app)

by BetterAppz


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Raptor Trainer (Clicker app)
Raptor Trainer (Clicker app)
Raptor Trainer (Clicker app)
With our clicker app you can train any kind of animal, not just velociraptors :) . You’ve seen Chris Patt train dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic World. With our app you can do the same with your own dog or cat! It’s fun and easy to learn. Clicker training is used on dogs, cats, birds, horses and other pets as well. Teach them new tricks! It is a science-based way to communicate with your pet that has been used since the 1960's. It is a distinctive sound that animals will easily recognize HOW TO USE: Clicker training is a positive training. This means you do not punish or physically control the dog. Instead, you offer rewards for good behavior. Our Raptor Trainer app makes a ”click" sound when the button is pressed. The click sound is meant to tell your dog when he or she does something correct. Train your dog to associate the click sound with a reward by giving them a treat. Your dog will quickly learn that when (s)he performs a certain way and you click, (s)he will receive a reward. The click is not the reward. It is only meant to mark which behavior is correct. You must reward your dog with a treat after you click, because the treat is the reward. Please see this link for more detailed training instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Clicker-Train-Your-Dog