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Quad Maze Lite

Quad Maze Lite

by Anqa Game


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Quad Maze Lite
Quad Maze Lite
Quad Maze Lite
Quad Maze Lite
Quad Maze Lite
Quad Maze Lite
Quad Maze Lite

Are you looking for a real challenge? Then try to beat this hardcore puzzle platformer game!

Try to find your way through increasingly difficult mazes. In order to be successful, you'll need logic, patience, timing and reaction skills. Compete against time, choose your strategy and rush through exciting levels!

• 27* unique and challenging levels
• Easy to learn and simple controls
• Score system in centi-seconds
• Keyboard and controller** support
• No in-app purchases or ads
• No internet requirement

How to play? Move the quad through different challenges, avoid various obstacles and search for the best way to accomplish each level. Your goal is to find the finish point, but don't forget to make use of check points! Depending on the challenge, you will have to perform multiple jumps to defeat the gravity and your enemies. You are also able to climb certain walls, run on the ceiling or even fly!

Minimum System Requirements 
Processor: Dual-core 1.3 GHz
Memory: 1 GB

* This is the lite version with 27 levels, the full version has 36 more levels!
**Tested with Xbox One and PS4 controllers