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Qibla direct - prayer times

Qibla direct - prayer times

by Steven Rogers


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Qibla direct - prayer times
Qibla direct - prayer times
Qibla direct - prayer times
Qibla direct - prayer times

Qibla compass is an amazing app to find direction of Qibla anywhere. It will just find the right direction of qibla for you and give you accurate prayer times as well.

Qibla direction:

This app is basically designed to find the accurate and exact Qibla direction. It have an compass inside with needle which direct you towards real Qibla direction. This qibla compass app will work as qibla finder for you. 
To use this app as Qibla finder you just have launch the app and tap on Qibla finder then it will find accurate Qibla direction for you. You can say this app is most easy to use Qibla compass app as well.

Prayer times:

The another incredible feature of this app is that it will provide you exact prayer times. This feature will require to grant location access to the app and it will give accurate prayer times. Prayer times will be accurate and according to your location. Means it can be known as Islamic finder as well.


Qibla direction
Qibla finder
Compass app
Prayer times
Easy to use UI
Graphical design
This Qibla compass and qibla direction app is free to use and can be downloaded as Qibla finder free from here.