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popping eggs

popping eggs

by nuvorm


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popping eggs
popping eggs
popping eggs
popping eggs
popping eggs
popping eggs

Pop your way through 35+ arcade action packed levels by using your moves wisely.

Starting off with a limited amount of swipes, you swipe anywhere to control the egg. Counter swipe anywhere on the screen to slow the egg down. Bouncing on blocks means gaining swipes to take more control. Well, that sounds super easy doesn't it?

Manoeuvre the egg accurately through difficult puzzling scenarios and find the right path to the blackhole.
This game is all about finesse: collect all the golden nuggets and smash bottles of eggnog makes this game good for many hours of fun through solid and timeless gameplay.

Playable with only one finger, or better a thumb.

Featured best game of the week on:
- Imore.com - "Popping eggs manages to nail the balance between teaching simple mechanics and asking the player to deploy them in difficult scenarios."
- De Volkskfrant (Leading Dutch newspaper) - "An entertaining game that delivers interesting gameplay."
- A must have on your iphone. "This is the best challenging time-killer you have seen in a while"