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Pop Voyage

Pop Voyage

by Thumbspire


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Pop Voyage
This fantasy adventure will take you to a land of colourful balloon matching mania! It's Suzie's birthday, and Mr. Propeller is taking her on an adventurous journey around a fantastical World of Balloons! Here's what you'll find on your Pop Voyage: • 100s of levels of mind-bending matching mania. • A fantasy world full of obstacles, boosters, & more. • Gold and stars to fill your pockets along the way as you make dazzling match combinations. • Daily bonus match challenges to master during your adventure. • A chance to challenge your friends to this balloon popping match-mania! Pack your bags and get ready to Match and Pop colourful balloons on this treasure hunting expedition. You will travel over the seas and explore sweet fantasy lands, sensational cities, and much more! As you follow along on Suzie’s party popping balloon quest, you will encounter intense and challenging time-based puzzles. Do you have the skills and savviness to get Suzie to her sweet destination? What are you waiting for? Don’t delay, join Suzie on her party popping balloon journey today! As they say in the World of Balloons, “Pop Voyage!"