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Polygon Flight

Polygon Flight

by linloole


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Polygon Flight
Polygon Flight
Polygon Flight
Polygon Flight
Polygon Flight

Polygon Flight is a concise and light weight space fighting game, easy to handle. Fast & quick play in your hands. Numerous waves of enemies. Best play in your trivial time.

Just control your ship defeat enemies when confront, easily play with different types of weapons (bullet gun, bomb, shield, missile, etc). Gain bunches of bonus, easy weapons level up.

Combat with different types of enemy include battleship, space craft carrier, battle cruiser, destroyer, space fortress, shadow fighter, kinds of fighter ships, star planes and turret cannons. Smart game AI. Survive through waves of enemies' spawn, and achieve a top rank in Phone & Pad, also in other kinds of mobile devices. Use your strategy playing with weapons to defeat different enemies and boss.

- switch weapons when needed, and level up.
- launch super bomb if too much bullets and missile come.
- dray joystick to avoid too much ships surrounding.

Enjoy your playing. Any question & feedback email: [email protected]