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Pikkuli – Colouring Book

Pikkuli – Colouring Book

by Aittokoski Experience Ltd.


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Pikkuli – Colouring Book
Pikkuli – Colouring Book
Pikkuli – Colouring Book
Children’s Animation series: Pikkuli is now available as fun games! Colour together with Pikkuli! You can use the colours straight from the bucket or even mix your own. How many different colours can you find by mixing? Let your imagination fly and see what wacky combinations you can come up with. Pikkuli’s Colouring Book is a beautiful and mellow environment for adding your own vision onto your favourite Pikkuli characters. Pikkuli Playground is a game family where you can experience the joy of child’s play in relaxed digital environment. In every Pikkuli game you can earn fun stickers to add to your sticker book! See if you can gather them all!