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by Richard Stoffan


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It happened a lot of times to me on the coffee meetings with my colleagues or friends that I wanted to just SHOW photo from my recent vacation, what I saw on the street, and so on, without actually sharing it via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Therefore I created PhotoMeet app. It should be the right application for showing your photos without sharing & sending them. Imagine you are at the restaurant, coffee bar or sitting on a bench outside with your friends and you are talking about your great weekend.

It is very unpractical to give your phone to the audience and make it rotate, while others are waiting to receive it from others until you are speaking about the situation on the photo. PhotoMeet will connect all your nearby friends with you via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and allow them to just view photo for the time you decide. All will see the same exact picture so they can be on the same page with you while speaking about the details.

There are some photos you don't want to share via social, but would like to show. PhotoMeet app is solution for this need!


Present Photos
Via this option your nearby friends will be able to connect to your device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly. Once connection established, you will be able to show photos stored on your device without storing them on the web services or friends' devices. Selected & opened photo will be shown on your friend’s screens only and until you will have Show Slider enabled in the upper part of the app. After you will turn the Show Slider off, nobody will see the photo anymore.

Join Broadcast
You will join Presenter device and see photos which are being shown. There is no option for you to store the photo. You are only enabled to rotate the photo with your device & zoom as needed.

Step by step
1. Meet with your friends & open the application on all devices
2. Persons waiting to see photos will open application and select "Join Broadcast" from main menu
3. Presenter will choose nearby devices that connect via Invite and select "Show Photos" from main menu
4. Show photos by turning the slider on & pressing Play button at the top of Show Photos while browsing the gallery! Play button will actually push the photo onto other devices.

If something is not working as expected, please do not hesitate to contact me via Twitter account @PhotoMeetApp and I'll to my best to fix any problem as soon as possible. Please use the same way to contact me directly if you have any thoughts about improvement of the app, since your feedback is very welcome!

NOTE: This app does contain Ads.