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by Orangescrum


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Orangescrum is an all in one Project Monitoring App for teams of all sizes. Organize your projects, teams, and tasks at one place with productive features like Gantt chart, Time log, Kanban View, Daily Catch-Up, Recurring Tasks, Project & Task templates, Invoicing etc.

Orangescrum has project planning capabilities of milestone/task groups tracking, task status tracking, priority setting, document sharing, timeline mapping and Invoice management. It has integrated with Slack, Google drive, Google calendar, Dropbox, Zoom, Zapier, SSO and Github and in addition to its inbuilt in-app chat and mobile apps for collaboration on the go.

Orangescrum has cloud, cloud self-hosted and Open Source Enterprise editions with multiple features.

In the cloud edition there are so many advantages like no installation required, integrate with your favorite apps, scalability and regular upgrades, unlimited projects and tasks, 24X7 online help (helpdesk, forums, and videos), mobile enabled project management (iOS and Android)

The Cloud and Self-Hosted editions are alike in their feature offerings and allow from 10 to unlimited users, projects & tasks.

The Open Source base code is completely Free for download and customizable as per users requirement.

Here is a quick Orangescrum feature snapshot -

  • Easy Project Planning and Assigning. Assign, schedule, collaborate and track tasks
  • End-to-End Task Management and Automated time tracking for your team
  • Resource Management and check your Resource allocation, availability and utilization
  • Automated Time Tracking and Schedule and create task dependencies
  • Create your own workflow as per your business requirement
  • Create, save and send accurate invoices to your customer/client.
  • Information rich Kanban view for TO DO, In Progress and Pending tasks
  • Get instant email notifications and reply on the go
  • Get daily team update right in your inbox with Daily Catch-Up
  • Easy to collaborate and brainstorm ideas, seek reviews & approvals instantly with the in-app chat

Here are the functionality details of Orangescrum below,

  • Task Management - Plan | Assign | Manage | Track
  • Time Tracking- Automated | Simplified | Accurate | Efficient
  • Resource Management - Know availability | Plan well | Deliver more | Utilize right
  • Custom Task Status - Define Flow | Improve Process | Automate
  • Custom Fields- Simplify | Prioritize | Organize | Variations
  • Budget and Cost Management - Budgeting | Spending | Billing Rate | Reports
  • Kanban View - Todo List | Collaborate | Track Statuses | Communicate
  • Timesheet - Timer | Daily Time Sheet | Billable & Non-billable | Save Time
  • Project Calendar - Plan | Estimate | Track | Share
  • Bug and Issue Tracking - Detect | Prioritize | Assign | Track
  • Workload Management - Capacity Planning | See Availability | Resource Allocation
  • Project Templates - Customizable | Easier | Eliminate Error
  • Gantt Chart - Manage Task | Manage Dependencies | Visualize Tasks | Get Clarity
  • Integrations - Improves Agility | Automates Processes | Improves Scalability
  • User Role management - Control | Protect | Enable permissions
  • Report and Analytics - Get Reports | Track | Measure | Improve Profitability
  • Mobile Application - Quick Connect | Collaborate Easy | Contribute More
  • Invoice and Billing - Accurate | Dependable | Actionable | Efficient

Orangescrum offers different pricing plans based on the users requirements. Normally it's free for all and $9 for 10 users on a monthly basis. Orangescrum comes with 15 days of free trial without credit card information.

Revamp Your Business Practices with our industry leading Project Management and collaboration software. With Orangescrum, you get to enjoy the benefits of productivity for your entire team. You won't need any additional payments or fees and we want our users to be satisfied with their workday.