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Note Daily Notes

Note Daily Notes

by Mobiman


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Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes
Note Daily Notes

I was recently looking for an app which helps me in taking and keeping my notes safe and help me whenver I need it. There are several apps available in the playstore including google's own notes however, what I found boring about it is that its limited to typing in simple two color combinations.

So I started searching for apps where I can not only create apps by typing but also using other methods such as using voice command or by scanning something etc.

On the top of playstore I found couple of apps but the good one which attracted me was Daily Notes App. The app has been designed by DailyMob apps which also provides variety of popular apps in utility and tools segment such as daily notes, financial calculator, EMI calculator, resume pdf maker, smart file manager among several others.

Now coming to the app, what I liked most about the app is that its ability to create notes from almost any type of format which I was especially looking for. Morever, they also have notes organizer where I can create notes with a cover that makes it really personal.

The app also have to do list option where one can create task for shopping or daily schedule etc. something I don't use it often but can be helpful. But, what I liked more about it was the planner app function where I create my travel plan or weekend plan.

The best part which I liked was that after creating the notes I can not only store it in my mobile but I can also share it among my family and friends.

Other important features :
1. Sync :- store and keep your notes on Google Drive to avoid loss of notes when device is lost or changed
2. Lock App :- password protect your notes, set password to open and access notes
3. Widgets :- access notebooks and notes from home screen
4. Multi device :- Sync your notes and access across devices
5. Shortcuts :- Add shortcut to notes, todo list, scan document on home screen for quick access.

This is definately my go to app for all daily activites needs.