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Music Play



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Music Play
Music Play
Music Play
Music Play
Music Play
Music Play

A simple Music Player with a powerful equalizer packed with all the features better than any other music player available for your Android devices.

You can take your music everywhere: walking in the street, hiking in the mountains, even to the moon. This music player is offline, which means you don't need the Internet to use it.

Music Player gives you the opportunity to create playlists inside the app. Create and manage your playlists as you wish. You can get your songs from your phone and SD card. Moreover, you can add folders easily.

This player supports mixing, repeating a specific song, skipping and forwarding. Mix music like a professional DJ.

This Music Player is one of the best music player with a stylish design.

Features of Music Player

* Browse songs in 6 different ways from the app (Playlist, Genre, folder, Artist, Album and songs).

* Full widget support with list of songs.

*Play songs directly from folder inside the App.

* Can set Ringtone within the music player.

* 5-band equalizer with powerful bass and virtualizer with reverb settings.

*Share songs that you are currently listening on social media apps.

*Available in 30 different languages (English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.).

*System equaliser support is provided along with in-app equaliser within the Music Player App.

* Can play streaming music online and Radio online . In addition, it can also play find and automatically find videos on your device