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Ludo Tale

Ludo Tale

by Dots Trio


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Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale
Ludo Tale

Ludo Tale is the perfect new generation ludo game with lots of twists, different levels, challenging goals, a story punch and most importantly the new Ludo experience. This game is a completely new format of ludo and not like just a conventional ludo. This game has different goals every single time which makes it the first of it's kind. Let's take a traditional ludo game where every single time the goal is to reach inside the home and that's it.. you'll win but what if you are chasing a unexpected goal? what if every single time you play a game you need to achieve a different goal. Exciting right? That's where Ludo Tale comes into play. Back to back exciting new challenges and goals in levels and that too with a story punch line. That's not where the list ends, Ludo Tale has tremendous quality animations and exciting game play format which has the capability to refresh your mind within moments. Enjoy the cool combination of traditional and new generation ludo with Ludo Tale.

Ludo Tale has bundles of exciting features and capabilities as listed:

* No internet required during the game play. It is the classic feature which comes with this great game. It supports offline mode.
* One can save their progress in the game in every checkpoints(every 10 levels).
* One can invite your friends using share capabilities of the app.
* Sharing with your friends and family members can help you become premium member. This is powerful feature.
* You get a new tale of the Ludo Land with Guru Garena and Dangera. Thinking, who they are? get the answer with Ludo Tale.
* It's a quality graphics game with cute music touch to help you get into deep with the legendary experience.
* There is not just a fixed game and goal but bundles of new goals and challenges that you can experience with Ludo Tale.
* Ludo Tale is a unique gaming saga that helps you feel depth behind the tale: the never told story.
* It's dynamic game play can impress people from all generations including kids, adults etc.
* In every level you not only compete with your opponent but with the running timer and dice rolls limits also. This makes it the best ludo experience.
* Game has tutorials and rules added for helping in enhancing the user experience.
* Users can also send us their feedback through feedback option in app.
* Users can try their 'Luck' in the luck game to get rewards.

Ludo Tale is the favorite game of Gen Z! It's the best game which you can play casually and get the cool experience of board game. Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi. In India, Pachisi had a special significance as it has mentions in Indian history, and it was very popular among kings and queens. Apart from this, ludo is known by different names and variations across globes like Uckers(British), Fia(Swedish), Eile mit Weile(Swiss), Cờ cá ngựa(Vietnamese), Parchís(Spanish), Parqués(Columbian), Mensch ärgere dich nicht(German), Mens Erger Je Niet(Dutch), Non t'arrabiare(Italian), Kızma Birader(Turkish), Jeu des petits chevaux(French), Tock(Canadian), Aeroplane Chess(Chinese) etc. Often ludo is even called ludu, lido, leedo, lidi, lodo, and even gotti(token) based on various regions. This shows the world wide existance of ludo. Ludo Tale brings you such an exciting game with a great traditional existance.

Ludo Tale is a fun luck based game to keep you entertained with it's luck factor and highly competitive goals in every level. It has a cool dice which rolls perfectly to decide what luck has for you. Unleash this exciting experience and be the real ludo warrior & champ!

Ludo Tale is a perfect mixture of fun, entertainment and excitement that let's you do a deep dive into the world of Ludo. This game is based on traditional ludo and it creates an super exciting game on top of that, you won't regret about playing this game. So, what are you waiting for? Join the most thrilling experience ever created with Ludo and enjoy the new gen Ludo Tale!!!