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Lost Fruit Match

Lost Fruit Match

by Rahmat Salleh


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Lost Fruit Match
Lost Fruit Match
Lost Fruit Match

Set in a gorgeous magical environment, Lost Fruit Match offers over 80 levels of increasing difficulty making the game as enjoyable for adults and children alike.
Map on two same fruit pictures/icons or more, link same fruit to connect them and create matching fruit lines to remove linked fruit photo and make score.


### HOW TO PLAY ####
- Connect two or more same fruits splash to score points.
- Archive the target points to level up within time limit.
- Eliminate the longer fruits line will get extra combo scores.
-Score on each level within the TIME LIMIT!
-Crack on frozen locked fruit.
-Create longer line to will maximize combo hits.

### FEATURES ###
-The Fire props can eliminate fruits in one row.
-Sweet and delicious UI & cool animation effects.
-More than 80+ challenging levels.
-Very beautiful game graphics like strawberry,orange,water melon,cherry,apple,grape,pear and more.
-Play the game and Have Fun!!!