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Logic Time™

Logic Time™

by Dama Studio


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Logic Time™
Logic Time™
Logic Time™
Logic Time™
Logic Time™

Logic Time™ is a free puzzle game that will challenge you logical thinking. Figure out what fields have to be colored, and reveal pixelated images. A fun game that stimulates the brains activity, with more than 200 free levels.The game is best described as a mix between Sudoku and Crosswords, and therefore a bit of a brainteaser. 

The idea of the game comes from the old traditional Japanese puzzles called Hanjie, Griddlers, Nonogram and Picross. Logic Time™ thought is different by featuring multiple colors and by only showing one color at a time, contrary to the traditional Japanese puzzles.

Every level is handmade to make sure that the quality of each level is perfect and looks like something in the associated levelpack. 

You get free play through a minimum of 240 levels, and on top of this you can battle against the clock in Time Trial mode.

In our mind quality is very important and we hope you agree that this shines through in our app.