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Live Translator +

Live Translator +

by Zerovik Innovations Pvt Ltd.


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Live Translator +
Live Translator +
Live Translator +
Live Translator +
Live Translator +
Live Translator +

Discover the world with confidence using Live Translator! This powerful translation app simplifies your travel experience, enabling seamless communication in real-time across languages. Whether you’re at the airport, grocery store, hotel, on business trips, or exploring new destinations on vacation, Live Translator has got you covered.


Key Features:


- Real-Time Conversation Translation: Effortlessly engage in conversations across different languages with a simple touch on the device.


- Voice-to-Voice Translation: Speak your phrase, and let Live Translator convert it into one of 40 available languages instantly.


- Text-to-Text Translation: Type your message to be translated into over 60 languages with accuracy and speed.


Innovative Technology & Seamless Experience:


- Advanced Voice-to-Voice Conversation Mode: Enjoy smooth, natural conversations across languages.


- Intuitive Interface: Easily switch languages with Touch.


- Text-to-Text Translation: Translate written texts accurately in seconds.


Supported Languages & Dialects:


- Voice-to-Voice: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English (US & UK), French, German, Spanish, and more.


- Text-to-Text: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, and many more.


Elevate Your Travel Experience:


- 24/7 Personal Travel Assistant: Live Translator supports your adventures worldwide.


- Premium Concierge Services: Access cultural insights, local information, transportation guides, and recommended points of interest.


Start your journey with Live Translator today and experience worry-free travel! Enhance your trips with cutting-edge translation technology and let Live Translator be your ultimate travel companion.