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Learn Surah for Muslim Kids

Learn Surah for Muslim Kids

by Ehtesham Haider


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Learn Surah for Muslim Kids
Learn Surah for Muslim Kids
Learn Surah for Muslim Kids
Learn Surah for Muslim Kids

Welcome to Little Muslim community! With your warm appreciation we are able to launch yet another Islamic preschool learning App series for the Muslim kids with some new levels of learning. In this build kid will able to learn and pronounce short Surahs of Quran which eventually will lead them to learn these surahs by heart in fun and interactive way.

Quran short surah:

Quran short surahs include:

• Suarh Kausar
• Surah Naas
• Surah Falaq
• Surah Asr
• Surah Ikhlas

Quiz: Level & Quiz

Game includes different levels for learning short Surahs of Al Quran in a game way. It comprises three parts

1. Learning- Match & Drag: Kids/toddlers will learn Surahs by match and drag option in which joining exact puzzles will display the complete Ayah of Surah on screen. This is learning phase which will let user to memorize Ayah Words.
2. Full Recitation: After finishing level 1, kid will be redirected to listen to complete audio recitation of Surah. This feature is one of the ace features which will guide Muslim kid in correcting his/her pronunciation of Arabic words.
3. Tap on Right word: Tap on right word of Ayah in sequence to test kid memory. 

Features include:

• Friendly and colorful GUI
• Word by word recitation
• Replay and share option

Download this unique Android app for your kids and make them best practicing Muslims. Do drop in your feedback and rate us and we love to hear from you!