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Laser Maker

Laser Maker

by stelennnn


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Laser Maker
Laser Maker
Laser Maker
Laser Maker

Discover an exciting logic puzzle game filled with action and strategic challenges! In this captivating game, your main objective is to align lasers by skillfully moving a variety of reflective pieces. Each level presents you with a unique set of challenges, with a total of 30 levels to test your skills.

The game features lasers of various colors, adding a visually stunning and thrilling element as you progress. Each laser has its own trajectory and target, forcing you to think creatively and carefully plan your moves to avoid obstacles and find the optimal solution.

The beautiful and captivating graphics of the game will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic environment. Each level is meticulously designed to offer you a visually stunning experience, making every move and every piece fit seamlessly into this enigmatic world of laser reflections.

Are you ready to put your wit and strategic skills to the test? Download this exciting logic puzzle game now and dive into a challenge filled with fun, action, and impressive graphics. Align the lasers, overcome obstacles, and become the master of light puzzles!