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Laser Links - Block Puzzle

Laser Links - Block Puzzle

by George Ianţa


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Laser Links - Block Puzzle
Laser Links - Block Puzzle
Laser Links - Block Puzzle
Laser Links - Block Puzzle
Laser Links - Block Puzzle

Move and rotate blocks to link them with laser beams and find the paths! Each level is a puzzle-box and the game gets harder as new types of tiles are introduced.

Guide the two laser beams to their end points by redirecting them with blocks of matching color and solve the puzzle. But watch out, these here lazors don't like each other and won't intersect at all! Think outside the box, find the best way to finish a level, get high scores and give your brain a good workout in the process.

Learn by playing, with quick, intuitive tutorials. Use hints when stuck and get more free hints by completing special levels. Every level is available in 3 game modes! In Standard Mode you aim for as few moves as possible, Challenge Mode is timer-based and will have your brain racing while Crystal Mode lets you patiently tinker through the levels.

Laser Links features:

★ Fun, colorful, block-sliding, brain-twisting puzzles
★ Discover your inner-cat by playing with lazor beams!
★ 120 levels in 3 campaigns and more campaigns to come, all free
★ Every level is available in 3 game modes
★ Sharp, clean graphics for any screen, all the way up to 4K UHD!
★ Simple, no-nonsense tutorial tips. Just tap the "show tutorials" box to turn them off
★ Clear hint system that helps you or simply shows you each move
★ Unlockable landscape display mode and 6 beam colors
★ Use the Rate button in-game to give a review and get 12 free hints!

Use the app to practice your deduction skills and quick-thinking or simply relax, slide tiles around and link them lazors until you solve it. Your brain will be grateful either way!