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Knife VS Fatty:Circus

Knife VS Fatty:Circus

by hkustfrank


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Knife VS Fatty:Circus
Knife VS Fatty:Circus
Knife VS Fatty:Circus
"Knife VS Fatty" is an addictive game and very entertaining for all ages. “Knife VS Fatty: Circus” is one of the funniest Throwing Knife Game for free. Enjoy this Circus World. Get ready for this! Your lovely assistant, Fatty Clown, is in a precarious position. He is been tied to a rotating wheel which also has many targets spots placed in strategic positions around him. Your aim in this knife throwing game is to hit these targets on the wheel before you run out of knives. Remember to aim carefully and not hurt...or worse KILL your pretty Fatty Clown. He die, You lose. Whatever you are a Knife throwing fan, “Knife VS Fatty: Circus will provide hours of fun add addictive gameplay. Feature: 1. Easy game and more funny. 2. High-quality sound effects and nice graphic 3. User-friendly interface