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KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign

by Amina Yepisheva


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KeepSolid Sign
KeepSolid Sign
KeepSolid Sign
KeepSolid Sign
KeepSolid Sign
KeepSolid Sign
KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign is a new e-Signature app that’s here to finally relieve you from mind-numbing print-sign-scan routine and overall make your life paperless. It lets you sign any type of document online or send it for signing digitally. With KeepSolid Sign, not only you can sign documents electronically, but also create document templates, store and share signed files, monitor the status of your deals in real time and much more.

Key features of KeepSolid Sign:

  • Electronic signature

  • Secure storage and synchronization

  • Offline Mode

  • Easy collaboration

  • Effective Teamwork

  • Document status tracking

  • Standard and custom templates

  • Integration with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, Evernote, Finder, or Storage

It starts as easy as importing documents from your device or could. After that, these files can be shared and signed in minutes. KeepSolid Sign also lets you managing the signing order, specify relevant access rights, and add comments to set the record straight. You can use annotations, like initials, date, notes, and checkmarks as well.

KeepSolid Sign will send you notifications on any changes made to the documents. The app allows you to easily check the status of your agreement in real time - whether your document is sent, waiting for signature, or completed.

With the recent update of iOS version, KeepSolid Sign became the first e-Signature app with a full support of Apple Watch. The app is also available for Mac, Windows, Android, and as the Web.