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IP Finder – Search by ip

IP Finder – Search by ip

by AmazingByte


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IP Finder – Search by ip
Is it possible to get information about a person or company, knowing only the IP-address or the name of the site? You can, and does it all with one click! IP Finder - This new application for IPhone and IPad, allowing you to quickly learn the necessary information, which always seemed unavailable or confidential. As can be useful IP Finder? For example, you received a strange letter by e-mail and want to find out information about the sender or want to check a specific website to protect yourself from contact with the scammers. Also IP Finder will help you find the source of DDoS-attacks or virus, thereby eliminating a threat to your Internet resource. IP Finder - it's a real «must-have» for system administrators. The application is very easy to use. Set the IP Finder on your mobile phone to easily and quickly get the information you need! After entering in a box IP-address or domain name, the application will give you information about the country, city, time zone, postcode and address of its location, and even displays the dislocation on the map. There is also a function of sending a full report on the e-mail.