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Hungry Frogmang

Hungry Frogmang

by Jonzee


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Hungry Frogmang
Hungry Frogmang
This frog has an unending hunger for mushrooms. It's up to you to feed the hungry frog without getting crushed by the spinning balls of death from above. The goal is to get as high as a score as possible. You do so by collecting the mushrooms that fall, while avoiding getting hit by the falling spike balls. Crates containing power-ups will also fall from the sky. You tap the left or the right side of the screen to move, and double tap to jump. You're able to submit your score to the global scoreboard afterwards. There are two difficulties, easy and challenging. In challenging mode, the spike balls spawn faster and move faster as well. They also shoot towards the position of the player. Although you get extra points from collecting mushrooms. Occasionally the sky will pulse red and the spike balls will spawn faster than they usually do, this happens in any difficulty.