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Hidden Objects Book!

Hidden Objects Book!

by creativespartans


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Hidden Objects Book!
Hidden Objects Book!
Hidden Objects Book!
Hidden Objects Book!

Hidden Objects Book!

Enjoy the Wonders of this tricky puzzle of search and the amazing art of finding the journey of these epic hidden objects with the Merge Animal Magic & Jem's Search-and-Find activity book.
For all the explorers, triple-match puzzle lovers, and AI mix animal freaks! This is your antistress virtual jumbo book to a breathtaking hidden object search and find journey followed by trending AI animal mix & diamond triple match-up 3d puzzles.

Prepare to embark on the scavenger hunt of these two search & find quests unlike any other jigsaw puzzle for seniors including:

• Scour stunning hand-painted landscapes: From lush jungles and towering mountains to sparkling underwater realms, with hidden secrets and adorable animal stickers waiting to be found followed by an animal mix quest hidden sticker book.

• Spy Seek and find animals: Explore & Search the virtual big book page with foil fun stickers to find all playful mix animals, majestic beasts, and camouflaged critters: Hone your spy detective skills as you uncover every hidden creature in captivating search-and-find challenges.

• Merge animals to create fantastical hybrids: Sort & Combine the found hidden animals using AI animal breeding technique, mix animal pictures & merge them to create unique hybrid monsters with specialized abilities that aid your exploration and puzzle-solving.

Tripple Match search & find quest for Valentine:

• Make this Valentine's special with this Valentine's hidden pictures book where you will discover fun things find like diamonds and gems in different varieties.
• Match Triple dazzling gems and diamonds: Once you have found diamonds & gems Unearth sparkling rewards as you explore hidden object maps, match them in thrilling triple-match puzzles
Finding objects is going to be real fun with this amazing hidden objects triple match game which is easy to play & will prove to be the hardest hidden pictures book ever.