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Hex Filler

Hex Filler

by x-lab


Our Rating

Hex Filler
Hex Filler is an interesting game with pretty simple rules - you just need to occupy more than a half of colored hexagons on the board and you win! Everybody can play this game: - If you need to develop your strategic thinking you can play versus artificial intelligence. - If you want to have fun or just kill some time - find a friend and play together. - If your day was very hard - turn on this game and use it like an antistress and antidepressant Inside you will find: - A lot of fun. - Several game modes - player-vs-player and player-vs-AI. - Beautiful cells of 6 different colors. - Pleasant music. - Quite serious opponent. Some notes: - Use side control buttons to perform move. - In player-vs-player mode first move owner is random, but in player-vs-AI it's you. Enjoy the play!