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Halcyon Ad Blocker

Halcyon Ad Blocker

by JBSolutions.net


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Halcyon Ad Blocker
Halcyon Ad Blocker
Halcyon Ad Blocker
Halcyon Ad Blocker

HOT NEWS: 9/24/15 - Top Ad Blocker Crystal Let's Advertisers Pay To Bypass Restrictions - http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/09/24/top-ios-ad-blocker-crystal-lets-advertisers-pay-to-bypass-restrictions

Today we don't have much of a choice of how we're tracked when we browse the mobile web. Technology has given an unfair advantage to large corporate advertisers and they have invaded (usually without asking) our privacy.

Apple is fighting back with iOS 9 and Safari. They've given the little guys powerful technology to say NO to the privacy raiders. Halcyon Ad Blocker is an ad blocking extension that prides itself on three things:

1. 100% PRIVACY
2. Size
3. Speed

100% Privacy. The feature we're proud of most is that we don't call home or call anywhere! Our rules our updated on each app version and WE NEVER make any calls to any server, period. We think our updates will come out close to the speed of our competitors without have the app call to servers that, frankly, who knows where or what they are?!

Size. We've compacted our code and rules so that our binary is the smallest possible. This means we take up the least amount of space on your iOS device as we can.

Speed. One side effect of compactness is smaller is faster. We've also optimized our rules so that we've weeded out all the slow ones and replaced them with optimized ones. Our testing has shown a speed up of ad and tracking heavy site of 50%-70%!

Lastly, we assemble rules from multiple blocklists and we're constantly testing for speed and accuracy. We will include new updates for new rule additions as soon as we're sure they pass our automated testing and adhere to our high level of standards.

We are a tiny company that is putting this app out because we believe the privacy issue needs to be addressed head on. Using other blockers that call home is not good enough. Every one of those requests is probably logged on some server and the IP addresses can still be tracked. So help the little guys out the care about your privacy the most!

Thank you!