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Guess the word image

Guess the word image

by Starodymov


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Guess the word image
Guess the word image
Guess the word image

Guess 100 images!
Guess the picture again.
Introducing cognitive puzzle game for mobile devices.
In this game you need to guess the player 100 pictures. The display will show the image and the need to correctly identify them. For convenience, will be provided by 4 possible answers to choose the right one. In the game you need to be careful and not to hurry with the answers, because given only one life. After the defeat of the player will need to take place again. Questions in the game belong to different branches and levels of intelligence. There are many themes to reflect, to think. The game has beautiful graphics and easy control. The game will be played by people of any age. The game made entirely in Russian. You are waiting for various subjects.
This game is famous for its simplicity and originality. During the game the player will be seen on the top plate, as he had already guessed the pictures. The player can at the same time through the game with another player to compete with him, who will speed the game. With this game you can show your friends and family how you are intelligent and educated man. After all, there are so few smart people that every second working salesman in a supermarket. But do not despair if you are already running a shop. After all, this game will be able to play in the workplace not only sellers but also the movers. Builders can also play this exciting game, because our country needs competent professionals. This game can inspire anyone in the creative realization and admission to higher education. For now, so you must have a university degree, even in the supermarket do not take the seller without higher education. And shots in the State Duma, too, has not been canceled. To the State Duma did not play in the birds, and guessed the pictures need to distribute the game. You can even write a letter to the president, that he gave the go-ahead for accommodation of this amazing game with the possibility of inclusion in the educational program countries worldwide.
After reading such a rapid description of the game, I think you just have to play the original game, to raise the educational level and population of our country.
The game is absolutely free.