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GPS Map Camera

GPS Map Camera

by henishapitt


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GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera
GPS Map Camera

GPS Map Camera can add timestamp, photo stamp and location stamp on photo while capturing. GPS Map Camera Location stamp is absolutely free to download and has no ads application; it could be the one of best timestamp camera & Photo Stamp, Location Stamp on Photo to use among similar apps.

GPS Map Camera and GPS Map Camera Location Stamp - Add date time stamp and geotag on photos you capture! You can stamp photos with multiple options, like date & time, map, geotag, address, weather, compass, altitude, longitude, latitude etc. Track current location and weather forecast on your captured photos by Photo Stamp Camera. Send your geo-location through photos to your family, friends and any special once, and let them know about your best travel memories, its major advantage of Photo Stamp Camera, Location Stamp Camera.

When GPS Map Camera and GPS Map Camera Geotag Location start, map, address, compass, whether and GPS Coordinates will be displayed on the Photos camera preview. You can check the easily location and Geo coordination before camera capture. When you want to Click Photo with GPS Location and Add Date Time Location Stamp then the easiest and simplest way, you must have a GPS Map Camera on your Smartphone.

Why have GPS Map Camera \ GPS Map Camera With Geotag Photo app in your device

✔ To get timestamp on photos while clicking
✔ For putting GPS location stamp on photos
✔ Add geomap stamp & date stamp to make focused clicks
✔ Find latitude and longitude data on your picture using the geotagging camera
✔ Put address, date-time, geo-location, weather to photo stamps
✔ Utilize as a GPS phone tracker
✔ Easily access the GPS Stamp Camera app when you need to add location to your photos.
✔ Add your current location to your photos and share with your friends and family.
✔ Add an automatic date and time stamp to your photos with GPS Map Camera
✔ Use the GPS Map Stamp Camera App for free, anytime, anywhere.
✔ Timestamp with GPS Map Camera - Add geolocation to your camera photos.
✔ Geotag your photos for multiple purposes.
✔ On capture photo you can see GPS Map Camera with Compass and Weather Forecast

Travel memories or your visit to a particular destination, with Timestamp with GPS Map Camera application, No need to remember anything just clicked and save your memories for long time. A handy feature to let your friends know where you are now, but also a handy feature in emergencies.

How to add GPS Map Camera Geotag Location on photos \ GPS Map Camera?

✔ Install GPS Map Camera \ GPS Map Camera Location, Photo Stamp app in your device.
✔ Select settings according to your requirement of geographical map photo stamp
✔ Add GPS location stamps automatically to your clicked beautiful photos

Have you ever forgotten a place and location in a photo and want to add Watermark & GPS Location Stamp? Add Date Time Location Stamp? GPS Map Camera / GPS Map Camera Geotag Photo Location application can solve this issue. It’s very simple to use Location Stamp Camera / Photo Stamp Camera app, when application start, GPS information including latitude, longitude, time, weather and compass will be displayed on the camera preview.

GPS Map Camera / GPS Map Camera With Geotag Location, Photo Stamp Camera is easy tool for many businesses and places like Marine, Civil Engineering, Military and Architecture where you can easily share your location with photo to your client and colleagues as well other as you want to share.

1] Camera: To capture images.
2] Storage: To access the gallery and store captured images.
3] Location: To obtain latitude and longitude coordinates and display your current location.

To experiment with such interesting features, you must download GPS Map Camera with Geotag Location Photo with GPS Location & Add GPS Coordinates on Photos on your mobile. Do not forget to share your experiences as well your feedback regarding this GPS Map Camera, GPS Map Camera - Geotag Location GPS Stamp Camera.