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Glass Plate Rotate Puzzle!

Glass Plate Rotate Puzzle!

by creativespartans


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Glass Plate Rotate Puzzle!
Glass Plate Rotate Puzzle!
Glass Plate Rotate Puzzle!

A new mind-bending ring plate nuts & bolts screw puzzle game in which glass plates are gracefully spinning and twirling around an array of intricate screws. Your task is to step into the role of a virtuoso of plate manipulation, rotating, guiding & untangling these fragile glass plates with precision and finesse around the nuts and bolts. As you orchestrate their movements, the plates elegantly revolve around the pins, forming breathtaking patterns and dazzling displays. Untangle each glass plate carefully around the nuts & bolts pin puzzle. Rotate the ring plates & circles in an amicable way to avoid breaking the metal plates. Your catch here is you can only rotate the plate clockwise otherwise the glass will break!


There's another twist to this mesmerizing nuts & bolts screw puzzle mastery – when these glass plates collide together, they shatter into pieces, unlike the metal plates. Your challenge is to skillfully coordinate the rotations, ensuring they close without collision.

Become the maestro of this enthralling glass plate screw puzzle, where each level presents a unique choreography, pushing your dexterity and strategic thinking to new heights