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Gerald Story

Gerald Story

by Motore-Mentale


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Gerald Story
Gerald Story
Gerald Story
Gerald Story
Gerald Story
Gerald Story

Old age made a bad joke to Gerald, forgetting level. Play from Gerald the Noob and bring it to shine like Gerald the White.

Run, jump and have fun with Gerald mage. Help him overcome challenges of skill, timing and puzzle on a journey of humor. Collect all the magical and customary coins to increase Gerald's level by increasing his powers. Collect PowerUp and discover secret rooms to explore.

I made Gerald alone and my beta tester was my 8 year old daughter, Rachel.
The game was published by Spaghetti-Interactive exclusively for the Apple Store.

• Game Center
• 10 levels to deal with in different and increasingly demanding scenarios
• 2 Challenges to get the highest score and dominate world rankings

• 4 Progress Levels for Gerald
• New Levels added every month!


Good fun with Gerald Story!