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Flags Quiz Challenge

Flags Quiz Challenge

by Universal Enigma


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Flags Quiz Challenge
'Flags Challenge' is a free game that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of countries flags from around the world. Choose the game mode: * Multiple-choice quizzes (single player) * Multiple-choice quizzes - "challenges" (multi player) * Against the clock Challenge yourself, see how many countries flags you can recognise! Be fast to get the best spot in the leaderboards. Challenge your friends in real time competitions where everyone play against each other with live score updates. Features: ★ 200 National Country Flags ★ Real Time Challenges ★ Multiple Leaderboards ★ Achievements to get Geography is a discipline you love? If so, this flag quiz, a kind of flags trivia, will help you for sure! This quiz game is perfect to train your memory. It is extremely user-friendly and colourfully. Learning hundreds of countries flags from around the world with Flags Challenge it's easy and funny.