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Filmage Editor - Video Editor

Filmage Editor - Video Editor

by PDF Technologies, Inc


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Filmage Editor - Video Editor
Filmage Editor - Video Editor
Filmage Editor - Video Editor
Filmage Editor - Video Editor
Filmage Editor - Video Editor

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As a professional but handy video editing tool, Filmage Editor simplified advanced features to make you create complex and movie-style 4K videos with ease. Create now!

Filmage Video Editor integrates all advanced & basic features, making you create & edit video in minutes even if you’re new to video editing! 

Filmage Video Editor has tons of advanced features such as key frame, efficient multi-track editing, frame by frame editing, color correction, background noise removal and more. Also Filmage Editor contains all basic editing features you need like split, cut, rotate, flip, etc.

Use all editing and share them with anyone in the world. Give your videos a creative boost with Filmage movie maker and editor now!


>>>  Key Frame Customizes Animations

- Set keyframes easily. Easily scale or change the positions to set a total customized animation effect for a sticker, a logo or a video clip.

- Remove keyframes without effort. All you need to do is to click again on the keyframe in Viewer to remove it directly.


>>>  Professional Video Editing Suite

- Multi-track editing. Stunning video and audio tracks supported. You can directly add video, music, text and more effects on your original video to create complex stories easily.

- Key frame. Customize the animation by changing the size, position, opacity and rotation angle.

- Frame by frame editing. Click Previous Frame or Next Frame to preview a specific frame and make a freeze frame. 

- Easy-to-use color correction such as brightness, contrast, saturation and more.

- Blur effects. Use Mosaic to blur stationary objects like house numbers, face or phone numbers to protect privacy.

- Link clips. Link certain clips in the video to keep these clips moving synchronously. And the sequence of the story line won’t be changed.


>>>  Easy-to-use Video Maker

- Make your videos in minutes even if you are a beginner. Upload videos, photos, and music, then Filmage Editor will create the track for you.

- A full keyboard shortcuts lets you edit video with ease by moving your fingers on the keyboard.

- Fully customizable videos. Cut, merge, trim, rotate, flip and crop your video with ease.

- Screen recording. Record the screen of your Mac, record a voice-over and record the camera. It will be easy to make a reaction video.


>>>  Customizable Built-in Video Resources (Titles, Filters, Transitions, etc.)

- 130+ stickers (still update) enables you to add marks, shapes, funny emojis and more on your video.

- Create a stunning movie by using 60+ filters.

- Make your video more funny by applying adorable special effects on videos.

- Rich built-in subtitles. Filmage Editor has a variety of built-in subtitle styles, the text size, color, position, and angle can be adjusted freely.

- Massive sound FX. Environmental sounds, button sounds and background sounds are all available to help you make vivid videos.


>>>   Intuitive Audio Control Tools

- Remove background noise to avoid the interruption of hum.

- Adjust the speed, volume, and tone of your audio. Fully adjust any audio as you want.

- Equalize sound effects for more than 10 types.

- Fade audio clips in and out.


>>>   Share Your Talent to Anywhere of The World

- Create 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 21:9 projects for you to instantly upload the results to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and Tiktok.

- Save video for viewing on specific mobile devices - iPhones, iPads and more.