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Fale para o WhatsApp

Fale para o WhatsApp

by HTS Informática


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Fale para o WhatsApp
Fale para o WhatsApp
Fale para o WhatsApp
Speak to create a text to send by WhatsApp and geographic location. Do you use WhatsApp? Then check out this app. With it you can send a message written by WhatsApp, but talking about! You speak, it turns into text and then you choose who to send. Great for those who have difficulty writing on the small keyboard phone. If you do not want or do not like using the keyboard, this app assists you in this task. You talk, choose the correct phrase (the application shows some text variations) and touch to send the text by WhatsApp. Just choose the contact WhatsApp. Your text message is sent. The phrase recognized can be easily completed at the end with a question mark (?), an exclamation point (!) or with an ellipsis (...). This facilitates the understanding of the meaning of the phrase, very simply. Allows you to set the language for the speech to be recognized (Portuguese, English, Spanish, Arabic, French and others). It allows you to send your geographic location, with a link to Google Maps, along with your message. Thus, the person receiving your message will know where you are. Being an item that exposes privacy, you must enable this function and confirm sending each message. NEW: now you can create sentences and leave them stored for shipment. Thus, frequent use of phrases are ready to quickly send to clients, friends, suppliers, etc.