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Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare

Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare

by TaskCare - Field Service Management Software Solutions


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Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare
Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare
Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare
Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare
Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare
Employee Tracking & Field Service App - TaskCare

TaskCare helps businesses to track field employees location more accurately & to manage field service operations efficiently. Plan your day’s work, Assign & Manage single or batch tasks, Track field employee location with GPS, Manage attendance, Collect payments | data & surveys, Verify documents, Generate reports, Analyze & improve performance. 

With Route Optimization, End-to-End communication, API integration capabilities, TaskCare delivers you the best performance even when the device is offline & online. 

Benefits of TaskCare:
✓ Faster job scheduling
✓ Reduced Business Costs
✓ Save more time
✓ Reduced fuel costs
✓ Eliminate paperwork with Digital solution
✓ Reduce fraudulent of the field service employees
✓ Increased Customer Satisfaction
✓ Shorter invoice time
✓ More jobs done with limited resources
✓ Reduced travel distances and time
✓ Increased employee satisfaction
✓ Shorten time-to-service
✓ Accurate reports & better insights
✓ Improve productivity of your field employees
✓ Efficient Customer Service and feedback
✓ Simplification of work with API integration

TaskCare Features:
✓ Employee Tracking
✓ Route Optimization
✓ Task Management
✓ Attendance Management
✓ Custom Form Creation
✓ Expense Management
✓ Payment Collection
✓ Document Verification
✓ Survey Management
✓ Reports & Analytics
✓ API Integration

Employee Tracking
✓ Track your Field Service employee location in real-time
✓ Track traveled path of your employee during the day
✓ Calculate & verify the total traveled distance and approve fuel expenses

Task Management

Assigning Task:
✓ Assign detailed tasks to your field employees
✓ Schedule Tasks with date & time
✓ Update customer details tagged with Geolocation
✓ Alert the employee with SMS & in-app Notifications
✓ Track the status of the assigned task

On Task Completion:
✓ Get Digital Signature from the customer as the proof of delivery
✓ Create Notes to improve workflow
✓ Take photos or attach photos from the device gallery
✓ Get customer feedback instantly for improvements
✓ Acknowledge the customer through SMS or email notifications

Map customer's Details:
✓ Field employees can reach the customer's location exactly with Geolocation
✓ Mobile workforce can choose the easiest travel path with the optimal route finder

Attendance Management 
✓ Field employees can mark their attendance with their mobile phone
✓ Reduce employee fraudulence with Selfie attendance, Timestamp & Geo location tagging
✓ Attendance reports were sent to the manager's email automatically

Custom Forms Creation
✓ Create multiple customized forms for different needs
✓ Custom forms can be used for Payments & Data collection, Documents Verification, Survey Collections etc
✓ Verify the documents collected & uploaded by your field employee

Request Management

Leave Management:
✓ Field employees can apply for leave easily through their mobile
✓ Approve or reject your employee's leave requests

Expense Management:
✓ Field employees can apply expense claims with their mobile
✓ You can view and approve expenses made by your field workforce

Multi-Platform Usage
✓ Manage your field service operations through web dashboard & mobile app
✓ Field employees can work with the mobile app

Reports & Analytics
✓ Get daily & monthly reports
✓ Detailed reports on tasks, attendance, traveled distance etc
✓ Achieve your business goals by measuring KPI

API Integration
✓ 3rd party API integration support as per admin's request

Managing your field service operations & field employees are very easy now.

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