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Easter Egg Seeking

Easter Egg Seeking

by Bauer-Live Softwaredevelopment


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Easter Egg Seeking
Easter Egg Seeking
Easter Egg Seeking
Easter Egg Seeking
Easter Egg Seeking

Find the right Easter eggs under the baskets and help little Bunny in this fantastic adventure through many different levels.

Collect 3 eggs in a row, for a special move. Play against time or limited number of moves. Proof your skills and find specific eggs. A fantastic game with permanently changing goals.

These are the highlights of Easter Egg Seeking:
- Collect pairs of Easter eggs before you are out of moves
- Collect as many pairs as possible to achieve a minimum score
- Earn extra points for remaining time or remaining moves
- Challenge your friends on Facebook


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Easter Egg Seeking can be played completely for free, special actions however can be purchased with real money.