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Dot Rangers

Dot Rangers

by soonsoon design


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Dot Rangers
Dot Rangers
Dot Rangers
Dot Rangers
Dot Rangers

Auto RPG simulation game. You can enjoy the game with one hand. When you are sleeping, working, moving, you can make your own rangers stronger and larger.

Game Story
‘Dark mirror’ who is the successor of Demon king had lost everything since Heros defeated Demon king. Demon prince lose king’s authority and even he proved himself it’s hard to beat the chicks. One day he found out the ‘ORB’ the symbol of power are scattered all over the world and it leads him to a lonely battle to recover former glory.

What's special
- 100% Automatic battle with no stress.
- Economic system without added cost
- Based on money earned during game, Make your own rangers.
- Every day, Every minute, you can get gold compensation!
- Make the powerful hero by using 120 items.
- Exciting Battle scenes of 7 heros.
- Cute animals, Human, Demon tribe, Elfs!!
- Tough to win? Yon can control your heros!
- If you beat the powerful boss, Dark ORB are pouring!!