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Dogs & Puppies: Puzzle Box

Dogs & Puppies: Puzzle Box

by MadRabbit


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Dogs & Puppies: Puzzle Box
The Dogs & Puppies puzzle game for the whole family! This is the Puzzle Box dogs edition! Slide all the puzzle pieces to the right place and recreate all the dogs and puppies. Our game has lot's of different beautiful pictures. So many pretty dogs and super cute puppies. Every picture is cut into small jigsaw pieces and mixed up.  Slide the jigsaw pieces to the right place and the beautiful dog or puppy wil appear. The more you advance, the harder the puzzle gets! You can also save all images on your phone or set them as wallpaper. The game as 4 different skill levels: • 10 levels of 3x3 jigsaw pieces • 20 levels of 4x4 jigsaw pieces • 23 levels of 5x5 jigsaw pieces • 19 levels of 6x6 jigsaw pieces Rate and +1 our game if you like it and also download our other games! Copyright © MadRabbit Studio