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Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF

Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF

by brrafique


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Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF
Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF
Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF
Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF
Document Writer for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF

An efficient document creator and organizer with a clunky UI

Having a good document manager on your iOS device is important for smooth productivity. I typically work directly from my Dropbox files, but find that can be difficult for all the functionality my workflow requires. For more complicated document management, there are apps like Document Writer.

Document Writer  for Microsoft Office - Word & PDF such a compelling product. It’s not going to rival the full product of Microsoft Word, but it’s certainly a step up from Open Office and even may get some defectors from Google Docs.

Some of the main features allow users to:
+ Create and Edit Rich Text Documents on your iPhone or iPad. 
+ Create and Edit Spreadsheets 
+ Scan documents and convert to PDF 
+ Create Hand-Written notes and Drawings
+ Annotate PDF Documents, Fill out PDF Forms, Sign & Send Documents
+ Create Voice Memos 
+ FAX Documents
+ Transfer files to or from your PC or Mac WIRELESSLY or through USB 
+ Works in OFFLINE or ONLINE mode. Work on your documents even when you are not connected to the internet
+ Send documents as EMAIL ATTACHMENTS 
+ Synch your documents with DROPBOX, GOOGLE DRIVE, BOX or SUGARSYNC. 
+ View Word & Excel files (Office 2007/2008/2010) 
+ VIEW PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF, and more!
+ Open & Edit files created through this app from any 3rd party app that supports the “Open In” feature 
+ Create or Download Documents from anywhere and carry it with you wherever you go

With all the functions built into this app, users can backup documents, have quick access to all documents, spread sheets, presentations, notes and memos created or stored within Document Writer. Even with this extended laundry list of functions, Document Writer needs some serious design upgrades to bring it up to the standard set by many other document editing iOS apps.

• View/Edit/Create Rich Text Documents 
• Fonts, Styles,Font Sizes 
• Bold, italic, Underline, Strike out 
• Text Color, Background Color selection 
• Text Alignment 
• Import Pictures from your Photo Library and paste in the documents 
• Take Pictures from Camera and insert in the document 
• Various bullet styles/formatting 
• Auto bullets/numbers 
• Undo Changes 
• Easy Copy and Paste 

• Annotate or draw sketches in your PDF documents. 
• Write hand-written notes or comments or highlight text in your PDF documents. 
• Fill out PDF Forms and send through email. 
• Sign & Send Documents - Receive documents through email, sign them using this app and send back through email. 

• Create & Edit Spreadsheets that can be opened or edited in Microsoft Excel 
• Editing features including colors, fonts, sizing etc 
• Multiple Select operations copy, paste, cut etc 

• High quality document scanner included 
• Scan documents and convert to PDF 
• Scan Images and convert to PNG, JPG or PDF 
• Document / Image cropping and size adjustment 
• Easily sharing through email attachment, Whats App, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Drive 

• Record Voice Memos and save on your iPhone or iPad 
• Easily transfer your recordings to PC or Mac 

PDF Converter 
• Convert Microsoft Office and other document types to PDF 
• Annotate converted PDFs and write your notes, drawings, signature on PDF

• Fax documents from within the app.
• This feature is provided through Interfax.Net and involves a fee of few cents per fax.

• Thumbnail, Fit to Screen, Fit to Width, Actual Size & full screen views 
• Go to/rotate page 
• Multiple Bookmarks 
• Wireless Printing 
• Email Attachments 

• Send and Receive Documents as Email Attachments 
• Dropbox 
• Google Drive 
• Box.Net
• SugarSync

• Create Folders & Sub-folders 
• Delete, Rename files 
• Drag and Drop files across folders 

• Smooth User Interface 
• Drag & Drop Files 
• Creates files that can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word, Apple TextEdit, Notepad, Openoffice, Browser & other office suites. 
• Works anywhere online or offline. 

* Resume and Cover Letters 
* Meeting Minutes Template 
* Business Plan for Small Businesses 
* Weekly/Monthly Planner 
* Contract for the Sale of Goods 
* Resignation Letters
* Power of Attorney 
* Weekly Time Sheet 
* Agenda Sample 
* Statement of Services 
* Budget Sheet 
* Blog Post Sample 
And many more…

There is a lot of support for cloud-based storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. You also have the option within Settings to turn off the availability of each cloud service.

Document Writer is on the App Store, the best app for document managing on the iOS device..