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DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player

DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player

by Vasu infotech


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DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player
DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player
DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player
DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player
DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player

Start your DJ career or become an artist in mixing songs? DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player is a DJ app that makes it possible for everyone from beginners to pros to enjoy the thrill of DJing. Anyone who loves music can start playing DJ with this App for free. Using this app like DJ controller or other suitable DJ gear, you can step up to the Next Level. All the basic features needed for DJing, including Decks, samplers, mixers, effects, loops & other essential equipment for DJing are all freely accessible. You can use the DJ Mixer App at Festivals, Bars, Clubs & House parties to remix songs like hip-hop, electro, pop, EDM, Club Mix, Bollywood, or any other type of music & seamlessly transition between songs.

The Features of DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player App:
- Access to your Phone's Local Music Library.
- Cue system to mix upcoming songs.
- Advanced sorting of songs According to Alphabet, BPM.
- Automatic BPM detection & continuous sync between your tracks.
- Control your Songs with Ultimate Fader & Scratch.
- Preview for the next song via Beats Bars & BPM.
- Pro Audio Effects(FX): Echo, Flanger, Reverse, Filter.
- Broad audio spectrum for optimized beat detection.
- Mixer, tempo, pitch-bend, filter, and EQ controls

What makes DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player different from other DJ apps?
If you want to enter the world of Djing, then what are you waiting for? Not sure what you can do it? no skill? or Don't know music? No problem. Getting into the world of playing music is easy. You can access songs from your device to get you in the party mood in an instant. DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player has tons of tools that you can use to get creative & add your own touch to your favorite tunes, allowing you to remix your favorite music. With Pad, you can easily change the composition of a track or give a different texture to a sound by touching the pads on the screen. Key Shift allows you to quickly change the key of a song without changing the tempo. For a fresh start, try turning the music up or down.

When it comes to DJing, mixing is the important thing. You may combine 2 tracks into 1. Naturally, it's simple to combine the 2 tracks into 1 composition. You must first match the pace & tempo(BPM) using the Beat-Sync before using the faders to combine the recordings. Even if you've never done it before, make DJ sound effects. Don't worry if you don't know much about DJing or if you want to utilize samplers to make DJ sounds. Try hitting the pad & tapping the horn, then tap it in time with the music. Scratch & feel the track and zigzag your finger across the surface.

DJ Music Mixer is a smart DJ controller with a range of tools for beatmatching & tempo controlling, so you can synchronize your tracks & make seamless transitions between songs. You can also add effects like filters, delays & reverbs to your mix & use the built-in sampler to add your own sounds & beats. In addition to its mixing features, DJ Music Controller provides tools for managing your music, playlists, filters & search functions. You can organize your music by song name & BPM by which you can quickly find the next track you need for your mix.

DJ Music Mixer - DiscDJ Player is a music Mixer app that functions similarly to a DJ controller to help you sync your songs at home or in the club with a DJ music mixer & play tracks directly from the app. Do you want to perform professionally like a DJ? You can perform as a DJ at festivals, Bars & Clubs & house parties using your favorite playlist like a professional.

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